Jamie’s future


You can make a difference

Where your money would go

The cost of music lessons is considerable, but there is also travel, instruments that have to be changed as he grows, music books, cost of exam entry, and much more. Here are some examples, by no means exhaustive:

Why we are asking for donations

Continuing Jamie’s music teaching could make all the difference between him having a career with a degree of independence, and being institutionalised. But our ability to meet the huge cost is jeopardised by several factors:

  1. 1.Initial self-funding of ABA therapy cost £30,000 for the tutors and a further £15,000 for the consultants to train the tutors. A further £12,500 for lawyers and £4,500 for assessment reports to win ABA funding decimated our retirement savings to the tune of £62,000 - and we had barely started.

  2. 2.Biomedical treatments for detoxification, KryptoPyrrolUria (KPU), infections (all requiring regular blood and urine tests) and brain rehabilitation cost £10,000 per year. They are not available on the NHS (the UK national health system), and are also not funded by private medical insurance.

  3. 3.Music teaching with associated travel and materials is around £8000 per year, not including large items of expenditure such as a piano. See the table above for some of the costs.

  4. 4.Keeping Jamie in mainstream education at one time cost us us £10,000 per term due our being forced to assume the entire cost burden of his educational support, including the salary of his teaching assistant. The “Authorities” wrongly thought they would save money by removing Jamie from Moreton Hall School (class size of 15) and dumping him in a failing school (class size of 25, in the bottom 5 out of 181 in expected level in English & Maths, source: BBC). The dispute conveniently enabled them to shift the entire cost burden onto us until it was resolved. The cynically conceded the after the last day of term in order to avoid paying the schools fees and TA costs for the term. The absurdity of the situation is that they spent tens of thousands on “due process” which consisted of making false statements about the suitability of Moreton Hall. We were left with the huge cost of exposing these falsehoods, while they delayed proceedings as much as possible to increase the financial pressure on us.

These sums are eye-watering, which is why we still live in a small terraced house and drive a battered 12-year old diesel car.  Without external funding it is unclear how long we can keep this up. This is why we are seeking contributions so that Jamie’s talent can be developed to its full potential for the sake of his future.

Please help if you can. It may make the difference between Jamie being a net contributor to society, and someone who, like the vast majority of children diagnosed with autism, ends up being institutionalised at huge cost to themselves and to society as a whole.

With your help, Jamie might one day acquire the independence to know how it feels to be free.

I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free, by Billy Taylor